No More Restrictions On Storing Msgs on Whatsapp, Google Hangounts, Emails & SMS

After all the of negativity spread around the news on the draft that Indian government is going to issue on storing msgs for 90 days without deleting, seems like government backed out of the decision of arresting people who delete their msgs within 90 days.

Well, the government of India has clearly gone through some serious banning declarations which are against public interests from the past one year.

After Banning our favorite 2 min wala Maggi..

After official declaration of no more porn sites in India.. which literally meant no more “pooja”, “bhajan” and “hidden” folders in PCs..

After banning meat in Maharashtra..

Modi’s government has taken a strong stand to poke its nose into every possible thing which probably lead them to a strange idea which has something to do with The National Draft Encryption Policy making a new controversy again.

Okay..the name sounds dangerous though..its effects are equally bad on users of social platforms..According to The National Draft Encryption Policy…people are not supposed to delete messages for a total period of 90 days from the date of transaction…Let it be Whatsapp or Hangouts and an added feather to this controversy is that whoever deletes their personal messages on their phones or on their computers might be jailed and are answerable to the government..the privacy of a user is screwed! Oh yes it is!

The draft proposes to introduce the New Encryption Policy under section 84 A of Information Technology Act 2000. This section was introduced through amendment in 2008. The sub-section 84 C that was also introduced through the amendment has provision of imprisonment for violation of the act.

The draft was formed by an ‘expert group’ set up by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology. The draft includes E-mails, SMS and messages of all the possible e-commerce websites.It is doubted that citizens as well as business may use encryption technology for storage of data and communication. However, the citizens are required to store the plain texts of the corresponding encrypted information for 90 days and provide verifiable texts to the law agencies as and when required.

Most experts have an opinion that this policy in the current form cannot work simply because a normal layman does not have any idea what encryption is and in most cases the encryption of data is done by applications. Users can not decrypt that, but application providers can.Anyhow this policy appears to be baseless,strict and harsh to a common man.Imagine of all those late night chats with someone special or a secret plan. Everything is read by the government. Well, we wouldn’t like it right!

The last date for public to comment on the draft is October 16, 2015.

This draft policy is likely to be withdrawn after a public out cry and uproar that this policy is a serious threat to a users privacy. A good decision…isn’t it?

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming up from us from government’s side..Till then..Happy messaging!!

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